By now, you've probably seen this video making its way around the interwebs. If you haven't witnessed the magic yet, take a moment and watch it. We'll wait.

Pretty great, right? Well, the videos it has inspired over the last few weeks are even better than the original, if you can believe it. It all started with dancer Josh Killacky (best friend to dancer and choreographer Jade Chynoweth) and friends Alex DiTommaso and Damien Lavergne. They all piled into a living room (along with director David Moore) and have graced us with nothing short of a Christmas-pajama clad masterpiece.

But wait...there's more. Now, we have the #XmasIsLitChallenge, which has been picked up by dancers and non-dancers alike across the country. Check out the hashtag on Instagram for some pretty incredible Christmas spirit.

Did you make a challenge video? Have a favorite version? Leave us a comment so we can watch it!