Sasha Caicedo was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She trained on scholarship at New World School of the Arts for both the high school and BFA program. At NWSA, she had the opportunity to perform many classical variations by Martha Graham and Isadora Duncan, and works by choreographers Peter London, Michael Uttof, Darshawn, and Robert Battle. Since moving to San Francisco, Sasha continues this passion and takes the stage at any chance; dancing in numerous festivals and company events, as well as promotional videos for commercial products. Aside from the stage, she featured in Miranda Jones's dance/theatre piece "Precipice," was interviewed and filmed by Producer/Director Michael Jacobs at Strike Anywhere Films, and worked with talented photographers Weiferd Watts, Michael Litvak, Robert Kunkle, and Marisa Aragona. At the moment, Sasha has decided to return to Miami and showcase her new found work. She happily completed her full season with David Herrera and Breton-Tyner Bryan in San Francisco to then continue her career back home in Miami, Florida. While her stay in Miami she was able to perform at the Addrienne Arsht Center, PAMM Museum, and many other opera houses and gallery openings. She was a principle dancer with both Peter London Global Dance Company and Alma Dance Theater, as well as a soloist with Erika Moon Productions. Later on through her audition journey between Miami and New York, she was offered a position as an Ensemble dancer with Disney's The Lion King National Tour, where she has happily completed her third year to this day. Sasha is part of the Dance Ensemble and has the specialty role of playing the Cheetah.