SYNOPSIS: A woman blindly grasps to find her way while on a journey through darkness. Filmed in one continuous shot, BLINK uses the language of dance to ponder the most universal of voyages. It is the second collaboration between filmmaker Nathan Kim and Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company under the artistic direction of Genevieve Carson.

The human experience, while molded by connections with others, is ultimately a solitary endeavor. We enter into existence alone and we depart alone, but it’s the messy, beautiful chaos of the in-between that defines us. Captured in a singular, fluid, rotating shot – the dancers’ world materializes and crashes into itself, highlighting the imperfect beauty that exists moment to moment within our unraveling realities.

BLINK is the most recent brain child of filmmaker Nathan Kim and choreographer/artistic director Genevieve Carson. The project was approached with purposeful vulnerability, exploration, and trust, ultimately resulting in a work that lives and breathes with raw, unfiltered authenticity.