If you thought ballet was just for little kids, think again. Adults across the country are taking advantage of adult ballet class and for good reason. Ballet is not only a highly respected art form, but it’s also fun and helps you stay in shape. Consider 5 reasons you should take ballet as an adult.

1. It provides culture.

Ballet is a beautiful, powerful art form. Ballet is the foundation of all other dance forms, boasting a rich cultural history. After all, ballet was originally performed in the royal court! Exposure to classical music and graceful movements gives adult ballet students a sense of accomplishment and refinement. Yes, you’ll improve your posture and feel a little fancy.

2. It’s a great form of fitness.

Don’t let the pink tights fool you. Ballet class provides a well-rounded, full-body workout, helping students to gain core strength and boost their stamina. Though ballet technique is challenging, adult ballet curriculum is designed specifically with the mature body in mind. Each movement is presented in a way to gently increase circulation, flexibility, and improve balance and coordination. Also, unlike sports that focus on strictly mechanical exercises, ballet requires a relationship to the music, resulting in a wonderfully beneficial mind-body connection. So, skip the treadmill, and sign up for ballet class instead.

3. It’s purely recreational.

Adult ballet class is geared to students 18 and older. Adult students are not expected to pursue a professional performing career. Some adults hesitate to enroll in class for fear they will be made fun of, or that they can’t do what they used to do. Rest assured, you are welcome regardless of your age or ability. In fact, some adult students have no desire to improve—they just to class to relax and enjoy themselves. Remember, adult ballet is about having fun and feeling confident.

4. It doesn’t require tights.

If the idea of wearing spandex has you running in the opposite direction, don’t sweat it. Adult ballet does not require you to wear the traditional leotard and tights (unless you want to!) Adult students can wear yoga pants and a tank top, or any activewear that allows them to move comfortably and freely. As long as your apparel shows dignity and respect for the art form and doesn’t restrict your movement, there is no need to labor under the misconception that you must arrive to class in a tutu.

5. It’s affordable.

Since adult students are not pursuing an intense training program, there are not required to spend the typical tuition that pre-professional students must pay. Adult ballet classes offer class cards, or packages of classes at a discount. This flexible option allows adults to attend class at any time without tying them into any long-term commitment. Of course, adults can always take a drop-in class to see if they even like it. Some schools still require you pay the drop-in rate which is typically $10-15 a class, though some may let you take a trial class for free. Either way, adult students save a lot of money taking this route. Here’s to your journey as an adult ballet student!

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