Tim Manchin


Dr. Tim Manchin is a licensed dance injury and sports medicine specialist. He has treated many prominent athletes bringing them back to full working capacity. He has also worked with national and international dance company members in recuperation and emergency situations. The show must go on! Dr. Tim Manchin offers a full service clinic equipped for wellness care with a relaxed atmosphere. Dr. Manchin has a complete in-office gym for rehabilitation, fitness, and exercise programs. Dr. Manchin provides nutritional, vitamin, and herbal medicine counseling. Dr. Manchin treats and heals with many years of experience and skill. The goal is to maintain and restore each patient to optimal health through treatment and education on self-care activities. The gentle chiropractic adjustments will enable patients to live a pain-free, long, and healthy life. Dr. Manchin employs a caring and dedicated staff and their goal is simple, "OPTIMAL HEALTH!" This is achieved through Chiropractic Care, Exercise and Proper Nutrition. Dr. Manchin will personally educate patients on how to maintain your "OPTIMUM HEALTH." Free Parking Available! Address: 1908 Santa Monica Blvd - Santa Monica CA 90404


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