Your zodiac sign can give you a lot of insight about why you are the way you are, and it could maybe even help you figure out which virtual dance classes you should try next! Astrology isn’t just horoscopes and “The Age of Aquarius” anymore. It’s all about using the planets as a way to help you find yourself--so why not shake up your regular class schedule with a class chosen for you by the stars? 

To navigate the stars easier, the zodiac sign elements can be broken into four correlating areas of dance for you to focus on--technique for earth signs, stamina for fire signs, creativity for air signs, and artistry for water signs. You never know, your horoscope might just help you find your new favorite class on DancePlug! 

Technique: Earth Signs

Virgo - Advanced & detail-specific tap

Earth placements, especially Virgos, are notorious for being the logical and “picky” ones in astrology. Analytical and detail-oriented to a tee, Virgos thrive on finding the patterns in the world around them. Virgos are also ruled by the planet Mercury--a planet famous for picking things up quickly.

What better class for a Virgo than Glyn Gray’s advanced tap number “Julep”? It’s quick and a bit of a brain-teaser, but Virgos ready for a challenge will pick up this routine with surprising ease. 

Capricorn - Something new like Bollywood

Capricorns tend to come off a little reserved or hard-to-please, but the truth is they just want to be the best they can be. This group is really into acquiring and mastering new skills the right way, and they aren’t afraid to start from the bottom and work their way up, step-by-step. They really understand the importance of getting something right, not just getting something done. 

Capricorns could challenge themselves and try their hand at a completely new style, like Bollywood! Why not try a beginner combo by Kavita Rao for your first one? These signs are truly the best at mastering new things, so even if this style is out of your comfort zone, as a Capricorn, you’ll surely be up for the task. 

Taurus - Powerful jazz funk

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that rules sensuality, fertility, and vivacity. These earth signs are likely to be incredibly grounded and connected to the world around them, but don’t be fooled! Tauruses can be just as sassy and sexy as any other sign. 

For Tauruses looking to tap into their earthy sensibility while still bringing power and pizazz, learn Lee Daniel’s fun jazz funk combo “Wanna Be Free”. It might be a little quicker than Tauruses feel comfortable trying at first, but that’s why it’s the perfect combo for this notoriously stubborn sign to try!

Stamina: Fire Signs

Leo - Storytelling musical theater

Leos are all about being the center of attention, and for good reason! Big hearts and dazzling personalities aside, this fire sign is famous for being famous. These people feel at home on stage, so finding a class that utilizes all of their performing skills is key for Leo dancers. 

While Aries placements should focus on finding classes that challenge their technique, Leo’s need to find classes that allow them to explore their more theatrical side. Teachers that focus on storytelling or acting while dancing, like Joseph Corella, are going to be perfect for this limelight-loving fire sign. 

Aries - Stamina-focused musical theater

Fire signs go hard, but Aries are famous for going the hardest. This fire sign is the first of the zodiac--the big brother, the hard worker, all symbolized by the ram. 

For this zodiac placement, try a cardio-intensive musical theater class that allows you to find precision and control (something the often hot-headed Aries might have trouble with). Aries isn’t known for being subdued or lowkey, so finding a teacher that pushes you to channel your energy and find the subtleties in your movement is definitely key--so check out Joelle Martinec’s “America” for a little extra fire!

Sagittarius - Dynamic jazz & contemporary

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter, a planet all about expansion and big moves, according to traditional astrology. These fire signs have probably found it difficult to keep training during the pandemic. So to keep these dancers on their toes, amp up the energy with dynamic jazz and contemporary classes, such as Annie Gratton's or Aaron Czuprenski’s?

Teachers that focus on expansive movement and impressive technical skills are key to drawing any Sag in--and to make it even more exciting, maybe try taking this combination outside! (But make sure to bring knee pads if you do.)

Creativity: Air Signs

Libra - Emotional lyrical

Libra represents peace, beauty, and harmony in astrology. They’re ruled by Venus, just like Taurus. But while Taurus is all about being grounded and connected to their natural side, Libras are all about the creative side of beauty--they’re drawn to makeup, nice clothes, and a put-together outfit. And no sign loves an emotional lyrical combination more than a Libra sun.

This lyrical combination by Christina Woodard is exactly what the Libra dancer needs. Calling for a balance between emotional storytelling and technical mastery, this class will challenge the Libra from start to finish!

Aquarius - Beyond ballet

Aquarians get a bad rep for being “weirdos,” but in truth, they’re the change-makers of the zodiac, and these dancers are always looking for new, fresh ways of doing things. 

Corina Kinnear’s ballet classes are sure to scratch this itch for the Aquarius dancer. Kinnear’s movement concentrates on going beyond technical moments to also find artistic expression and levity.

Gemini - Staccato contemporary

Geminis need constant stimulation, both in the studio and out. This air sign thrives off of creative movement opportunities, so finding a virtual dance class that allows these dancers to explore their mercurial tendencies (this sign, like Virgo, is ruled by Mercury) is important for dancers looking for variety in their classes.

The perfect opportunity for Geminis to get their energy out can be through this quick, staccato combination from Yusha-Marie Sorzano. The fun, dynamic choreography is sure to keep the Gemini mind and body engaged the whole time!

Artistry - Water Signs

Scorpio - Hard-hitting hip hop

This Mars-ruled sign is drawn to drama (although they try hard to hide it). Scorpios are the fiery ones of the three water signs, and they love taking classes that let this dramatic side out. Scorpios looking to add a little drama to their roster should try looking for a hip hop class with a bit of bite.

Half of being good at hip hop is making it look easy, something Scorpios are notoriously good at. Get your groove (and sweat) on with this sharp and musicality-centered hip hop combo from Jian Pierre-Louis if you’re looking for something that will test your skills while allowing you to explore your inner artist.

Pisces - Floorwork-focused contemporary

Dreamers at heart, Pisces folks are drawn to the spiritual side of dance and movement. They love feeling connected to the world around them, but they often seem a little lost in the clouds to their fellow water signs--though this is what makes them such fascinating dancers!

To feed this water sign’s spiritual side, Pisces dancers should definitely start with a floorwork-focused exercise with Renee Kester. Then continue that exploration with her combo “Isoulation” that gives the dancer the opportunity to find their core and get used to moving on the floor.

Cancer - Groovy house

Cancer signs are the most at ease at home, there’s no denying it! This sign is ruled by the moon and is associated with all things home and maternal. If anyone’s felt the most comfortable training at home during the pandemic, it’s Cancers.

Both a play on words and a practical style for Cancers to learn, the house style is a great way for this water sign to still get their classes in without having to be in a huge studio to feel like they’ve really worked out! Both JJ Rabone and Ray Basa will get Cancers up and moving without having to step foot outside their living room.

For the more advanced astro-lovers out there, use your whole birth chart to find something new to add to your weekly roster! For example, if you’re a Sagittarius sun with a Virgo moon, try swapping in some tap technique instead of a jazz class, and see how it feels!

Regardless of what the stars say, trying new styles or testing out different teachers can get you out of those training ruts you might find yourself in. Finding and adding various dance classes to your weekly training schedule will always benefit you in the long run, so why not let fate decide where to dip your toes into next?

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