Such an important day in our vibrant community is upon us—National Dance Day! On September 21, 2019, everyone from around the United States is encouraged to engage in dance festivities, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate the magic of dance! The aim is to make dance accessible in all forms, so if you have ever wondered, “Where are the closest dance classes near me,” they won’t be hard to find. Dance companies live-streaming class and daily rehearsals, individuals donating to dance organizations, many performances both on and off the stage, improvisation jams, dance classes near you that are open to the public, and televisions broadcasting dance-related programs will all take place on this day. The beauty of a nationwide event honoring this artform is that people from all backgrounds are welcome to share and be united by a love for dance, including you!

If you’re an individual thinking, “I love to dance, but there isn’t a huge selection of dance classes near me,” you can always count on the endless online resources available through the digital dance world, such as DancePlug’s selection of online dance classes. The world wide web has so many resources to offer in the twenty-first century, education being one of them. Many of us are fascinated by dance videos on YouTube and interested in how we could learn to dance online. Through online classes like DancePlug’s, you can try hundreds of step-by-step tutorials enabling you to learn to dance at home while joining these YouTube sensations and choreographers from anywhere in the world in sharing a love for movement.

Since the internet is a global resource, location is on your side. Sometimes it becomes difficult to get in the studio during the summer months when many teachers are on break from regular classes or traveling. Or, you may be located in an area where access to in-person classes is limited. If you live in a larger city, it may also be expensive to rent studio space for individual purposes and class costs can easily add up. Online dance training is a great way to continue learning and practicing at your own pace for those instances where you are unable to access in-studio dance education, and, the good news is, you can do it anywhere and on your own time. Dance teachers and choreographers who are constantly traveling or need new ideas can also benefit from this effective tool. In the years when I began my own dance training, I used to practice my tap steps by following along to VHS tapes of Shirley Temple’s “Captain January.” Today, we are fortunate to live in a digital age where instructional videos are designed and filmed specifically for learning purposes. Unlike clunky VHS tapes, there is the added convenience of being able to efficiently look up steps like that cheeky shuffle-off-to-buffalo, watch routines from better visual angles, and slow things down to match your unique learning speed. Just remember to practice smart habits and ensure the space you are dancing in is safe for movement.

So let’s get in the spirit this National Dance Day and join the thousands of people who are engaging in the festivities! Whether you are participating in group activities such as master classes, flash mobs, or improvisation jams, or you are joining in the fun by getting your groove on in your own home, this is a day for both students and teachers to enjoy all the pleasures of dancing. Through this new digital world of dance, you will be able to learn how to dance by trying exciting combinations in any style you choose with your friends, or by yourself, from around the globe. Remember, this is a day to try something new and have fun learning along the way. Looking for a place to begin your adventure? Start your search!

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