Dr David Odom


Dr. David Odom, Doctor of Physical Therapy, is a coveted strength/conditioning professional and owner of Flux Formula, based in Los Angeles, California. Flux is a concierge wellness company specializing in injury prevention and management, where Dr. David and his group of therapists focus on hands-on care and client education for athletes, artists, musicians, stunt performers and dancers alike. Flux therapists have a broad scope of experience working with talent from live music tours, Broadway shows, film and television. In every capacity they strive to optimize talent performance and health by using their knowledge in both prevention and rehabilitation medicine.

More recently, David has toured internationally with P!NK, Metallica, and Lady Gaga. He has also logged backstage hours supporting Broadway and touring productions such as Wicked, Come Fly Away, Lion King, West Side Story, War Horse and Stomp, to name a few. He understands the needs of dancers and develops movement programs to help them achieve their goals, prevent injury, and improve their overall movement quality.  He is excited to be a part of the DancePlug family.